Dangerous ProductionsAudiovisual production & services

Dangerous Productions is a film production company, founded in Thessaloniki. It specializes in the production of films, documentaries & promotional videos.


Dangerous Productions was founded in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, by Andreas Siadimas, and is a well – recognized production company collaborating with top professionals in Greece and abroad.

We are characterized by screenplay originality, a unique aesthetic approach and technical excellence. Having invested in both knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment, we cater to a wide range of audiovisual productions.

Our work has been presented in established local and international film festivals, cinema venues and prime broadcasters, through a series of productions including:
“Mataroa. The journey continues…”, “Satsang – Sitting by the truth”, “Rosmarinus Officinalis”, “Handset Type”.

The dedication to providing high quality productions as well as a constantly growing client list make Dangerous Productions an exciting and dynamic production force, with great prospects for the future.


Andreas Siadimas is a director and cinematographer based in Thessaloniki, with over 20 years of experience He studied economics at the Aristotle University and the University of Greenwich.
He started the production company Dangerous Productions, focusing on audiovisual productions and services. He has directed short films, documentaries, TV shows and commercial videos.
His films have been screened at many festivals worldwide and have won many major awards.
He collaborated with BBC on the documentary ‘Origins of Art’, with Atlantic Productions in the documentary ‘Ancient Greek Murder’ of the series ‘Mummy Autopsy’, and with Channel 4 in the documentary ‘The First Greek Papyrus’.
Andreas taught as an associate professor in the Film Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, while his photographs have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Greece and Germany.


Production Supervisor
Thanos, born in 1997, is a graduate of the School of Film of the Faculty of Fine Arts at AUTh. During his studies he tried out many film specialties in order to gain multifaceted experience and better knowledge of production. At the same time, he began his work experience at Dangerous Productions and was quickly promoted to Production Supervisor, participating in national and international productions for television and cinema. He is also interested in screenwriting and often experiments with music and cinematic sound.

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