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Dangerous Productions is a film production company, founded in 2004, in Thessaloniki. It specializes in the production of films, documentaries & promotional videos.

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Arctic Uncharted SQ

“Arctic Uncharted” – RIBBING For Arctic

In the summer of 2021, an inflatable boat (RIB) will make a unique journey sailing into unknown waters and exploring new routes created by climate change.

For 7,000 Nautical Miles, from London to Nome in Alaska, it will cross the legendary North-West Passage and the Bering Strait. The crew, experienced seafarers, scientists and filmmakers, test their limits in search of their own Ithaca. The production team will board for 2 months, sailing 10 hours daily, shooting the film “Arctic Uncharted” in order to fuel the debate on climate change…

Mataroa SQ

Mataroa. The journey continues…

In December 1945, 150 young people from Greece boarded the ship “Mataroa” bound for Paris.

Their dramatic exit from burning Greece was meant to mark in an indelible way the spiritual and artistic developments of post-war Europe. A film between memory and oblivion for a generation and a journey that 70 years later continues to inspire…

Tales of war and art-SQ

Tales of War and Art

On the occasion of the performances and in situ visual installations of the “Refuge Project” in a forgotten German war shelter on the Cycladic island of Milos…

… the memory of the Second World War through the testimonies of the locals, becomes the primary material of inspiration. The space that reopens 70 years later, the on-site research, the interaction of artists with the local community and the artistic creation itself, shake up issues of Greek-German relations, oral history and recording, on an island where tourism has a different starting point…

Music Village Panas-SQ

Music Village

Music, People, Environment.Three friends create their utopia, set against the traditional village of Agios Lavrentios in Pelion, the Music Village.

Under the guise of music teaching and workshops, art is imposed in a state of avant-garde. What is the process of producing creative ideas and work among international participants? What is the impact on the local community and how tolerable is freedom?…

Satsang Red-SQ

Satsang, Sitting by the truth

“Satsang, Sitting by the truth” is the daily life of yogis, monks, hermits, ascetics who live in the Himalayan mountains and jungles of India.

They are people dedicated to the search for the Self and share their thoughts, their feelings, their view of the world. They answer the basic questions of human existence and suggest paths for our own journey to our own truth…