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Dangerous Productions is a film production company, founded in 2004, in Thessaloniki. It specializes in the production of films, documentaries & promotional videos.

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Handset-type SQ

Handset Type

Early 1982. The writing system of the Greek language changes from polytonic to monotonic.

It is the time when technology is beginning to enter widely into the field of typography replacing the use of handset type. The conflict of these two worlds pushes the characters of the film to overcome themselves and will cause unexpected developments…

Rosmarinus Officinalis-SQ

Rosmarinus Officinalis

“In the wrong hand the medicine becomes poison…”

Summer in Crete. A local old man meets a young couple. He will reveal to them the secrets of the life cycle through the power of nature. Their course changes forever. Can the same herb give life and destroy another?…