Mataroa’s journey to the cinemas…Screenings in Athens and Thessaloniki

Cinema "Danaos", Athens:
22 – 23 February, at 4 p.m.
Cinema "Olympion", Thessaloniki:
20 – 27 February, at 6.15 p.m.

Mataroa’s journey to the cinemas…Screenings in Athens and Thessaloniki

Mataroa-Augmented Reality


The legendary “Mataroa” returns.

Andreas Siadimas’ Documentary “Mataroa. The journey continues…” sails to the cinemas in Thessaloniki and Athens.

The ship that in December 1945 helped the flower of the Greek youth in Arts and Letters flee, on a salvation route from Piraeus to Taranta, with final destination Paris, continues the journey to the cinemas.

The documentary “Mataroa. The journey continues…” by Andreas Siadimas sails from Thessaloniki and “Olympion”, where it will be shown from Thursday, February 20 to Thursday, February 27, at 18.15 pm. “Mataroa” also sails from Athens, where it will be screened on the weekend of February 22 and 23, at 16.00 pm, in “Danaos”.

“Mataroa”: A documentary by Andreas Siadimas about the history of the legendary ship and the stories of its particular passengers. The film recounts the stories, memories and myth surrounding “Mataroa”, which was described as “the ship of the great escape” for an entire generation.

The documentary “Mataroa“, which premiered last year, in the “Indelible Memories” section of the 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, follows the path of the 150 Greeks who boarded the ship, at the initiative of the then director of the French Institute of Athens Octavius Merlier, from the broken Greece of the Civil War to Paris of the European Enlightenment, on a journey of freedom and creation.

And the journey continues…